Shipyard FacilitiesSpecification (Length x Breadth x Depth)Capacity/Type
Building Berth120m x 40m and 135m x 37m3000 GRT - 7500 GRT
Slipway: 170m x 60m10.000 GRT
AirbagSlipway: 120m x 40m5.000 GRT
Slipway: 135m x 37m15.000 GRT
/Waterfront (Length/Draft)
Quay 1:200mDepth: 6m
Key ServicesRepair and Newbuilding
Key ProductsNew Build: Ro-ro 5000 Grt, Ro-ro 750 Grt, Ro-ro 500 Grt,
Coastel 500 Dwt, Coastel 750 Dwt, Coastel 1200 Grt, Coastel 2000 Grt,
Container 100 Tues, AHT, LCT and Oil Barge
Repair: Ship repair and Offshore Construction
Total Yard Area (m2)50,000